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There are many toilet flush cistern producers all around the World. Visam is one of them and producing flushing cisterns till 1964. 50 years ago it started as a family corporation but day by day it evolved to more complex structure which is market leader in Turkey now.

Headquarters and Production Facility
Address : Pınar Caddesi No: 72 Pınarbaşı / İzmir - TURKEY
Phone : +90(232) 479 07 00
Fax : +90(232) 479 03 58
E-Mail :
İstanbul Office
Address : Perpa Ticaret Merkezi A Blok Kat: 6 No: 550 Okmeydanı / İstanbul - TURKEY
Phone : +90(212) 222 42 20
Phone-2 : +90(212) 222 42 21
Fax : +90(212) 222 42 12
Business Partner ( Swiss ) 3A immo SA
Address : 2, rue du Midi | P.O.Box 5452 | CH-1003 Lausanne
Phone : +41 21 3 310 310
Fax : +41 21 3 128 530
Web Site :

Visam follows some important attributes to achieve highest quality products:

MG电子注册送38- which flushing cistern should i choose?

first of all, you should pay attention that your cistern should be approved from necessary authorities ( in turkey tse is the authority for approving the quality). after that you should inquire for after sales support as spare parts availability, customer support and warranty periods. also one of the most important point is water consumption. your flushing cistern should be efficient and environmentally friendly.

- Why Should I Consider Water SavingMG电子注册送38 In Bathroom Important?

Because it also saves money, protects fresh water habitats, decreases water pollution, decreases waste water processing facility needs, lessens energy consumption for pumping water and conserves drinking water resources. VISAM toilet flushMG电子注册送38 products save up to %60 of water per flush and reduces risk of leakages to nearly zero percent, adding another %10 on top of water savings for average flush use.

MG电子注册送38- do i need a concealed cistern?

If you or your neighbours are complaining about toilet flush noise, if more space is needed in your bathroom, if you need cosmetic upgrade for your bathroom, then you should get a VISAM concealed cistern and a concealed cistern flush plate.

- which points of toilet should i consider a potential leak source?

Outlet valve washer ( flush valve ) seat, inlet valve, faucet pipe connectors. VISAM toilet flush products are heavily stress tested to bring light on hidden weaknesses, if there is any, against future leaks.

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